Q: Who are your target audience


  • Small and Medium Business owners who are cash-strapped. Those who want support on their E-commerce website at only a fraction of the cost of what big companies pays.
  • Those business owners who are IT-savy but do not want the hassle of managing the E-commerce part of the business.
  • Business owners who are new to E-commerce and hence need someone patient enough to listen to their needs and convert it into a executable plan.


Q: When can I expect a response

A: It typically takes 3-5 days to reach you after you send us an email. You can contact me at +65 93259756 or email: chuayuhan1985@gmail.com


Q: What can you help us with?


Setting up of e-commerce platform

A: If you are a small business owner, I can help you to set up a website with a minimal fee. I recommend that you set up with Shopify as it is one of the largest E-commerce platform. there's a large amount of resources that's allocated to using and maintaining your website. From there, if you are comfortable you can run the website yourself or have me mange the platform for you with another fee.


Taking beautiful photos of your product and advertising it online

A: if you have a great product but sales are not picking up. I can help you to take and put up nice photos of it and show case it to everyone by putting it up on your own website.


Setting up your social media presence

A: if you haven't tap into the power of social media marketing please do so, because you will be able to generate a lot of sales there. if you want to expand your business, please consider this avenue. I can help you with that.



Guiding you in E-commerce.

A: if you want a Mentor who is patient and willing to listen to your needs, and convert them into something executable that will beneficial to your

business, look no more, here is your candidate!


Q: Where are you located?

A: 52 International Rd #02-17 (619626). It's inside Par Investment building. Second level.


Q: should I order through the website?

We do not accept order through the website as of now.


Q: how do you work?

You send me your business profile, tell me what you need. Revamp your website, upgrading to a new E-commerce platform. I'll do a initial proposal on what you can expect and if you agree to what I propose we can continue from there. Think of me as an interior designer, I can take your ideas and make it come true. I'll paint a picture of what can be done, and it you're agreeable to the plan, then only we will go on with the charges.


 Q: Do you charge GST?

A: We are GST registered. But right now we don't charge because we understand the impact of inflation on all of us. We'll do our part and absorb the GST for you.



Q: What payment do you accept?

A: Cash, Paynow, Paylah, Credit card, Debit card, AMEX, Master Card, and Grabpay. 


Q: Can you help me generate more sales?

I can help you to increase your online presence either by placing advertisement for you or doing Search Engine Optimization on your website. However, whether all these works will depend on the branding you have in the first place. I can only enhance what you have, I cannot treat a dead animal.