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Chat with a team of digital marketing experts to cater to your needs. We provide services that will promote and generate leads for your products and services.

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Take your business to new heights with Digital Marketing

Unlike traditional Marketing. Digital Marketing is traceable and quantifiable. You know how much you spend on marketing and how much views you have. And how much sales were generated out of it. Take advantage of the new digital world and expand your business network to reach out to more customers

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO in short. the most important phrase in modern digital marketing. Most youngsters uses search engines to find whatever they want. If you rank high, then your products will stand out in prominience

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  • Digital Content Creation

    Create appealing content to social media users while not coming off as being hard-selling. High level marketing technique have to be used. The way of hard selling is obsolete now.

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  • Influencer services

    Let me people know your products by letting well-known people in your targeted field endorse your brand. This will create large number of followers and these followers will be your long-term brand supporters.

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  • Ah Chye Pet Treats

    A brand that I've built up. Starting from scratch. Now with over $16000 of quarterly sales and 3000 over followers on Instagram, and another 3000 on TikTok

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  • Ah Chye The

    A blog that I write consistently to share Ah Chye's life and her friends. We feature a lot of stories of other events that we participate in as well

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  • Festive seasons upsells

    We design posters and gift packs to catch the festive fever to boost our sales.

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  • My work at NUS

    I do Underwater acoustics which is a sub-branch of physics. But I also do communication theory that is heavily math-based. These difficult subjects has enabled me to learn anything fast,

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